Our Vision

Lazy Ash Studio is a project studio that provides a professional and creative environment for recording, mixing, and mastering in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA

Located in Mt. Lebanon, PA, we offer a small project studio that caters to smaller bands (4 members or less) and singer-songwriters looking to produce their first demo or album. Our team provides you with professional, creative, and world class results at a personalized affordable rate. We have the tools and the expertise to realize your vision, if we don't, we will let you know up front. Each project is taken on one at a time with full attention and care. However, we are particular in which projects we take on because we want to be satisfied alongside you with the end result. We don't work with diva's, only real creative people. We prefer that you contact us when you are getting closer to the point in which you are ready to capture your songs or performance. Nothing ever beats a good take, one in which we don't have to fix the whole thing. (We can and will fix it if we have to) but please be ready, practice, and rehearse first! Computers, technology, and equipment are great and have all come a long way, but they are still only tools to capture you. We are not in the business of creating fully doctored music, only recording people performing on instruments in a room.

Contact us to discuss your vision and we'll see if we're a good fit!





Lazy Ash Studio offers a small room to capture your performance. The space was acoustically engineered and built to house the project studio. We provide an intimate space with amazing gear and years of experience.

Lazy Ash Studio is a recording studio. We record, mix, and master songs and albums. Whichever phase you are in with your project we can help you out. We specialize in walking you through the entire process of creating your music.

  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Live Recording
  • Remote Recording
  • Voiceovers
  • Graphic Design: Album Artwork, Website Design
  • Audio Engineering Lessons
  • Music Performance Lessons
  • Consulting on your project





Mackie 1620i 16-channel Firewire Mixer

Monitor Systems:

Mackie HR-824
Yamaha NS10, Yamaha Sub
Avantone Mixcube


Neumann TLM 49
AKG C414
AEA R84 Ribbon
M-Audio: Luna, Pulsar
Blue: Bluebird, Yeti
Shure: Sm57, Beta 57a, 58a, Super Deluxe 55, Drum kit mics
Earthworks QTC30
Audio-Technica AT4033CL

Digital Processing and Plugins:

Universal Audio
Audio Ease
DMG Audio
Slate Digital

Electric Guitars:

Fender Telecaster
Les Paul Standard
Gretsch Electromatic Hollowbody
Luna Banjo

Electric Basses:

Fender: Precision, Mustang
Gretsch Hollowbody


Dell Precision T5500
Custom Built PC designed specifically for Audio Recording

Digital Audio Recorders:

Pro Tools 11
Reason 9.2


Universal Audio 4-710d, Solo 610
Radial JDI

Effects Rack/Pedal Gear:

Lexicon MX400Reverb/Delay
Digidesign Eleven
Digidesign Digi 002
Vox Tonelab
Boss: DD-20, DD-7, DB-90, OC-3
MXR M169

Ibanez: TS9

Acoustic/Classical Guitars:

Alvarez Yairi WY1TS, Alvarez Classical
Yamaha FG730, Yamaha Classical
Gitane DG-320


Gretsch Catalina Maple 5-piece, 20" Kick


Nord Stage 88 Piano/Keyboard/Organ/Synthesizer
Nord Electro 72 Electric Piano/Organ/Synthesizer


QSC: Ksub, K10's, K8
Vox AC15


Classical Guitar
Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar

Music Production:
Pro Tools


Private Music Lessons and Tutorials
(South Hills, Pittsburgh only)

“ A great mentor is one who aims for other’s ability to surpass their own.” 
-Philip T. Sudo

Private Lessons for:
Classical, Acoustic, and Electric Guitars
Electric Bass
Piano, Keyboards, Synthesizers
Audio Engineering: Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Post-Production

Professional private focused mentoring in the styles of: 
Classical, Folk, Ragtime, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Reggae, Electronic, Loop-based, Sample-based Music Training and Performance.

We also have extensive professional audio engineering/recording experience. 
We can teach/help you out on any technical related questions concering the use of
any Analog and Digital Studio Equipment including: 

Pro Tools
Reason 4-10
Using Microphones (Condenser/Ribbon/Dynamic/Omni/etc.)
Audio Recording/Engineering/Mixing/Mastering Questions
PC Hardware/Software
Computer Troubleshooting
Computer Programming (Visual Basic and BASIC)
Graphic Arts (Photoshop, Dreamweaver)
Mackie, Allen & Heath, Soundcraft Mixers
Guitar/Bass Amps & Effects

We specialize in teaching Children & Adults.
21 years professional experience on the path.

$25 for 30 minutes
$50 for 60 minutes
(10% of each lesson goes to Compassion.org)

For more information please contact:
Ed (412) 656-4250

(Private lessons are South Hills Area, Pittsburgh only)





Call Ed at 1-412-656-4250 or
Email: ed[at]paintcanrecords.com
to discuss your project!





We at Lazy Ash Studio are commited to every project we work on. We build long term relationships with everyone we work with.

Here is a Jukebox of our work:

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