Our Vision

Lazy Ash Studio is a “live in one take with one or two microphones” studio that provides a unique experience for recording your “ready to be recorded songs” in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA

Lazy Ash Studio is a live-take recording studio. We mix the sound, record in one take, and then master the songs for release. We specialize in walking you through the entire recording of your music live in one take. 

We Offer:

  • Recording (Please note: the mixing is up to you and the band. However you mix yourselves during the performance is how the sound gets recorded. IE: there is no “fixing it in the mix” afterward. One of the keys to this process is recognizing that the lower in volume you all play, the bigger and louder sounding the recording turns out to be. The mix is based on distance and location from the microphone, so if you want the vocals on top, then the vocalist is closest to the microphone, and the drums are typically off-axis near the null point of the microphone)
  • Mastering your “live in the studio” take.
  • 1-Microphone, 1-Track (Mono or Stereo) live in the studio recording. We usually only use one, sometimes two microphones to capture your entire band’s performance, and up to five people can fit in the studio simultaneously. The studio has a drum kit, piano, guitar, and bass rigs. (*Please note: If you haven’t sung and played your songs hundreds of times and have them memorized, then you are not ready to record here. Please check out any number of other isolated multi-track studios that can fix your performance mistakes instead.)
  • Field/Show/Gig Recording
  • Graphic Design: Album Artwork, Website Design
  • Music Performance (Guitar, Bass, Piano) Lessons
  • Consulting on your project 
  1. Picture of Her the Architects Buy 3:16
  2. Thief of Frost The Locations Buy 1:56
  3. Under The Sea Special Agent Ed Buy 2:54
  4. Marsh Mellow Special Agent Ed Buy 4:12
  5. More Cow Bell Special Agent Ed Buy 4:00
  6. Monsoon Orchestronic Buy 2:34
  7. Tree Hugger Liquid Evergreen Buy 3:51
  8. Plastic Hero Jupiter Vinyl Buy 2:46
  9. House of God Forever Jupiter Vinyl Buy 3:49
  10. I've Just Seen A Face Jupiter Vinyl Buy 3:56
  11. Flurries Edward James Horey Buy 2:19
  12. February Edward James Horey Buy 1:00
  13. Pretty Lady The Bystander Effect Buy 3:43